Chicago White Sox Gaiter
Chicago White Sox Gaiter
Chicago White Sox Gaiter

Chicago White Sox Gaiter

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These premium face coverings are made of 180 gram material, which is thicker than most bandannas and gaiters on the market. Each gaiter comes in three different sizes (Youth, Small/Medium, and Large/Extra-Large). Each gaiter can be reversed for a different type of fit to offer versatility and comfort (one end has an elastic band, and the other end is sewn together). The end with the elastic band creates a unique fit, which other gaiters don't offer.

These gaiters were specifically designed in three sizes in order to fit the different bone structures of children, women, and men.  Therefore, under most circumstances, the youth size fits children as young as 5 years old.  The Small/Medium size fits most women, and the Large/Extra-Large size fits most men.

Gaiters offer great convenience because they stay around the neck, and you can raise them over your mouth and nose with ease. These gaiter face masks can even be doubled-up for twice the thickness. These are all original designs and create a very fashionable look and style. They are washable and reusable (95% polyester/5% spandex).

Gaiters scarf are great for:

*Mouth and nose coverings
*Blocking the sun
*UV protection
*As a sweatband
*As a stylish wristband
*As a headband
*As a pony tail holder
*Keeps you warm in the winter
*As a hat/helmet liner
*As a beanie/hood
*Keeps your water bottle cooler
*Many more uses...


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